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There are many different options to experience the Didgeridoo/Yidaki with Pitz. He is a Didgeridoo performer, teacher, workshop facilitator, school show presenter, instrument builder and session musician. Pitz and guitarist, Chris Robertson are the fun duo, DidgeriGroove. DidgeriGroove blends Didgeridoo, slide guitar, voices, percussion and groves that move. The duo sounds like a 5 piece rocking band! Pitz leads the way bringing his bold original music to the world fronting his fun, 5 piece funk rockin' danceband, Pitz Quattrone & The Freelancers. Pitz is a registered teacher in the Sleep Apnea - Didgeridoo Network teaching apnea sufferers (and everyone else interested) in group or one on one settings in person and worldwide via Skype. Pitz can come to your school/camp/library or festival to lead a Didgeridoo presentation. Pitz also loves to add the magic of the Didgeridoo into as many styles of music on earth! A few of the artists he has collaborated with include... Ronstadt Brothers, Dark Star Orchestra, Massamba Diop of Baaba Maal's band and notable Vermonters; Dave Keller, Chad Hollister and Shrimp. Pitz is also a member of Sounds of Spirit, a live performance meditation ensemble.