Pitz Quattrone tour dates, calendar, live events, #Music4VT, Didgeridoo Maverick


July 5 Pitz brings his one-man show to the Wednesday Night Live concert series, Oxbow Park, Morrisville, VT 5:30 - 7:30 pm. Solo Pitz is the smile-creating, gyrating, unique entertainment experience that features Didgeridoo, Voice, Percussion, and Grooves by Erving. 

July 12 Pitz tapes a 'Didgeridoo history and playing techniques' segment for a nationally syndicated TV show (NYC based) that is distributed to 160 stations around the country! More details coming soon... 


  1. April 17 - 21 Pitz returned to the Woodside (CA) Elementary School for a 5-day Didgeridoo residency with a concert on Friday the 21st @11 am - 12:30 pm.
  2. April 21 4:15 - 5pm, Pitz lead the Discover the Didgeridoo presentation at the Eastside Prep School in East Palo Alto, CA