Pitz Quattrone tour dates, calendar, live events, #Music4VT, Didgeridoo Maverick


  1. Pitz has collaborated with UK guitarist Liam Taylor and his band, Blue Alatar! 'Kicking & Screaming' has been released in which Pitz added Didge to this hard-driving, rockin' outfit's title track of their EP.  
  2. Pitz was interviewed and performed on The Morning News Show on WPIX - TV(The Valley CW Network) Channel 11, New York City.
  3. Pitz recently taped a 'Didgeridoo show and tell' segment for the Emmy Award Winning, Teen Kids News that is syndicated to 160 TV stations (all major networks) around the country. This segment will air in the upcoming season. 
  4. Pitz returned to the Woodside, CA Elementary School for a 5-day Didgeridoo residency culminating with an all-school concert.
  5. Pitz led his Discover the Didgeridoo presentation at the Eastside Prep School in East Palo Alto, CA