Didgeridoo, rock, Vermont, funk, jam band. Pitz leads the world's most fun live band, Pitz Quattrone and The Freelancers, Didgeridoo band, DidgeriGroove 2-man band, duo, slide guitar, percussion, grooves that move, Pitz solo live performance, Pitz Quattrone music

Pitz Quattrone music

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Live performance options

Pitz's one-man show is the smile creating, gyrating, unique experience featuring Didgeridoo, Voice, Percussion, and Grooves by Irving. 

DidgeriGroove is the fun, rockin' 2-man band that combines Didgeridoo, Guitar, Voices, Percussion, and Grooves that move.

Pitz Quattrone & The Freelancers is the five piece ensemble that boldly brings an original musical vision blending Didgeridoo flavored Rock, Funk, World, Jam & Space with slide guitar, baritone sax, and rock solid funky bass & drums featuring Pitz's carnie barker vocals.

Fun Philly anthem and video, "Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes".


Vermont Lt. Governor, David Zuckerman

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Molly Stone Catamount Arts      

Eric Koval Double E Performance Center

Wade Pierson Northeast Slopes Fest