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  1. Pitz has collaborated with UK guitarist Liam Taylor and his band, Blue Alatar! 'Kicking & Screaming' has been released in which Pitz added Didge to this hard-driving, rockin' outfit's title track of their EP.
  2. Pitz was interviewed and performed on The Morning News Show on WPIX - TV, The Valley CW Network (Channel 11) New York City.
  3. Pitz has an Etsy shopPitzQDidgeridoo is the shop name and link. Special offer: order a Painted Didge and get a free 30-minute Didge lesson with Pitz via video chat! Free shipping in the USA.
  4. Pitz recently taped a 'Didgeridoo show and tell' segment for the Emmy Award Winning Teen Kids News that is syndicated to 160 TV stations (all major networks) nationwide. This segment will be aired in the upcoming Spring season.
  5. Pitz has a new 'Sizzle Reel' video. Get to know Pitz, his hero story, and many of his Didgeridoo offerings in just 2-1/2 minutes.
Pitz was a recent guest on these fun shows!

  1. Vermont Public Radio's Mary Engisch talks with Pitz on Vermont Edition about his background, the health benefits of playing the Didge, and his unique musical approach.
  2. Pitz had a great time on The Museum of Sports Show live with Doug Shimell and Lou Scheinfeld talking Philly sports, The Spectrum, the fun Philly anthem, Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes”, and Didgeridoo! The segment starts at the 23:44 mark, Enjoy!
  3. Pitz talks in depth with Dr. Bob Weil on his Sports Doctor Show on the U.K. Health Radio Network. Dr. Bob and Pitz discuss various health benefits of playing the Didgeridoo including drastically reducing or eliminating sleep apnea.

    Pitz and the Didge perform on three recent recordings:

    1. Derrik Jordan's GrowlerDerrik is a fantastic multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer based in the Brattleboro, VT area. Growler features "2 Pitzs"! 
    2. Dark Star Orchestra's Dino EnglishDino has gathered the prime "drums jams" with rhythm partner Rob Koritz to present them in a new album titled, "Altered Dimensions". Pitz plays on track #8 simply titled, "Pitz"The album can be found on Amazon Music, Apple Music, and the like. Ask your smart speaker to play "Pitz by Dino English", it really works! 
    3. Jamband circuit veteran and fellow Vermonter, Kind Bud has a new album titled, "Jenuine Kind Bud" for which he wrote music to the poems of Jen Ward. Pitz plays on track #12 - "Sightings".  

    Here is the New Year's Eve live stream concert video (presented by Catamount Arts) of Pitz's one-man show that’s the smile-creating, gyrating, unique entertainment experience featuring Didgeridoo, Voice, Percussion, and Grooves by Irving!

    The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon featured (1-18-21) Pitz's song, Electric Tan!

    Smoke on the Water reimagined by your favorite Didgeridoo Maverick. 

    A special edition of "Live from the Swamphouse with Pitz" virtual #Music4VT concert series hosted by Vermont Lt. Governor David Zuckerman. YouTube video link of this event!

    Huffington Post tells the story the first 20 years of Pitz's Didgeridoo career.