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Sleep Apnea relief/Didge lessons

The British Medical Journal concluded that playing Didgeridoo is an "effective treatment alternative" for sleep apnea.  

Pitz teaches his easy-to-learn method of basic and advanced techniques of playing the Didgeridoo in one-on-one and group lessons in-person or worldwide via video chat platforms. Lessons specifically for circular breathing is an additional option. Pitz is a registered teacher with the Sleep Apnea - Didgeridoo Network

Here's a great article on this topic from 7 Days press of Vermont. Pitz and two doctors are interviewed.

Here's Pitz presenting the Didge's history and playing techniques in a 50 minute video from The Fleming Museum, Universtity of Vermont.

Testimonials                                                                                                            "Pitz gave a great class, everyone had fun, and my patients have seen benefit from his teachings." Dr. Michael Stadtmauer, President of the Vermont Association of Naturopathic Physicians 

"A number of my clients in my sound therapy practice suffer from sleep apnea.  When I found out that playing the didgeridoo has been scientifically documented to help considerably with this condition, I brought in Pitz to teach a class at my clinic. My clients loved his instruction and found the practice helpful for their condition - as well as fun! I highly recommend considering making Pitz's services as a gifted and patient teacher available to your clients."  - Eileen McKusick, Sound Therapist and Author of “Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy” 

"I was fortunate to have Pitz Quattrone, who is a world traveled Didgeridoo performer/educator, hold an introductory class on learning to play the didge at my healing center.  People loved the class and him!  He’s a great hearted teacher, very patient and has some easy learning techniques.  Besides having a lot of fun, people felt empowered in having a choice to work with this creative option rather than feel like they’re stuck with only a more medical option (CPAP)" - Jim Thomas, M.Ac., Samara Healing Center, Taneytown, MD  

"Pitz Quattrone is a wonderful, inventive, patient and fun teacher of the didgeridoo. I was drawn to his class to help reduce my sleep apneas and I'm delighted that I'm getting to learn to play a musical instrument in the bargain."  Mischul Brownstone, Didge student and Feldenkrais teacher, GCFP

"Playing the Didgeridoo gave me energy due to the vibrations; it produced a better vocal quality to my singing due to the relaxed lip flapping and increased breath control." - Judi Byron, Didge student and Harp therapist 

 "I will miss my Didgeridoo class.  Bring Pitz back when he is available.  He is a kind and patient teacher, I will miss him.  Now to practice." - Susan Rogers, Didge student

 "I can make sounds out of the didge now and I'm trying to get circular breathing.  I think I can eventually get the hang of it.  If Trombone Shorty can do it, why shouldn't I?" - Will Larsen, Didge student