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Sounds of Spirit


Using quartz crystal singing bowls, vocal toning and chant, flute, shruti box, didgeridoo, tambura, hang drum, and hand percussion, Jim Thomas (acupuncturist and musician), Paul Thomas (sound healer and musician), and Pitz Quattrone (didgeridoo performer, teacher and builder) together create a powerful sound experience. 

Participants (while lying down) are immersed in a deeply relaxing and transformative soundscape. This dynamic field of vibrations can act as a potent catalyst for: 
• Stress relief
• Deep relaxation & centeredness
• Emotional release & clarity
• Physical pain relief & healing 
• Chakra & energy system balancing/activation
• Personal insight & spiritual connection

4 minute video demonstration of a Sounds of Spirit event.

Participants are asked to bring something comfortable to lie on (i.e. cushion or blankets), a warm covering, and a pillow. Eye shades and a water bottle are recommended as well. 

If you are interested in hosting a Sounds Of Spirit concert, contact Jim Thomas at: 410-756-6419 | Like us on Facebook  Official site:

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