Educational Programs

Have Pitz come to your school/museum/library/retreat center/festival for a Didgeridoo performance, workshop, assembly, or multiple-day residency.

PERFORMANCE - Straight musical performance, typically 20-60 minutes. This is Pitz's solo show with beat machine Erving.

WORKSHOP - Pitz explains the history and playing techniques of the Didgeridoo. Typically 20-60 minutes. (Group classes on "how to play" is an additional option)

ASSEMBLY (most popular option) A combination of the 'performance' and 'workshop' together in one show, typically lasting 40-60 minutes. As seen here in a 50-minute video event from The Fleming Museum, University of Vermont. 

MULTIPLE-DAY RESIDENCY - Pitz spends multiple days with students teaching the history and playing techniques of the world's oldest musical instrument. Also available is the option to decorate a basic "Didge" (venue provides materials). At the end of the time together, students and Pitz put on a musical performance for the rest of the school/camp!