Hand made Didgeridoo, Vermont crafter, Pitz Quattrone, Paulownia, Princess tree

Pitz made Didgeridoos

Pitz has been crafting Didges since about the same time he started playing, in 1993. He has worked with all-natural materials, wood, bamboo, sunflower stalks, cow parsnips and agave. All of the didges offered on this page are made of Paulownia (Princess tree) wood. Note the mouthpiece end of the didges. Pitz shapes and forms a mouthpiece from the wood at the end of each raw branch. This eliminates the need for a size adjustment, usually done by bees wax. The sealer finish on all the didges Pitz makes, is an all-natural, non-toxic clear shellac. It's the same finish that is used in finishing childrens wooden toys (if they are properly made) Pitz autographs, dates & marks what key the didge is in on the inside of the bell end of every didge he makes. If you would like a didge in a certain key, email Pitz to see whats available/possible pitzquattrone@gmail.com

Add $20 per Didge for shipping & handling within the USA, $30 for Canada and $40 everywhere else.

If you are looking for native Australian made didges, please go to www.ididj.com.au as an info source.

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Standard Didge (4 ft, 4-1/2 ft and 5 ft)
Finish options-Natural Bark, Brown or Red Stained             $75 (4 ft), $90 (4-1/2 ft), $105 (5 ft)




Sponge painted (approx. 4-1/2 to 5 ft)
Brown or red stain underneath - $195


Shaped and formed wood mouthpiece end of Didge. No need for bee's wax.