Didgeridoo, rock, Vermont, funk, jam band. Pitz leads the world's most fun live band, Pitz Quattrone and The Freelancers, Didgeridoo band, DidgeriGroove 2-man band, duo, slide guitar, percussion, grooves that move, Pitz solo live performance

Pitz Quattrone live performance options

Pitz solo is the smile creating, gyrating, and unique experience featuring Didgeridoo, Voice, Percussion, and Grooves by Irving. 

DidgeriGroove is the fun, rockin' 2-man band of Pitz Quattrone and Chris Robertson combining Didgeridoo, Slide Guitar, Voices, Percussion, and Grooves that move.

Pitz Quattrone & The Freelancers is a five piece ensemble that brings a boldly original musical vision mixing Didgeridoo flavored Rock, Funk, Jam & Space with slide guitar, baritone sax, and rock solid funky bass & drums featuring Pitz's carnie barker vocals.

Fun Philly anthem and video, "Cheesesteaks & Tastykakes". Listen/download Pitz's music


Vermont Lt. Governor, David Zuckerman

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