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TV Shows

Pitz currently stars in 3 TV shows. All 3 can be found on his YouTube channel. 

 1. ‘The Music Zone with Pitz Quattrone’ - This 30-minute show is a mix of in-studio music (2 songs) and interviews. In the 2nd song of each show, Pitz collaborates on Didgeridoo with the musical guest. The show is produced at ORCA Media in Montpelier, VT.

 2. ‘Birds, Bands, and Baloney with Pitz & Fred’ - Old friends, Pitz, and Fred Moore host a fun show in which they discuss and giggle about the Philadelphia Eagles (Birds), music, and just about anything else (Baloney) that comes to their twisted minds, all featuring Fred's video graphic shenanigans.

3. ‘Harv Darvis - Inferior Lounge Singer’ - Pitz’s alter ego, the loveable and ever-improvising inferior crooner, Harv Darvis, is winning over hearts worldwide.